Grocery Shop Chronicles-Month One

Clean Eating


Last week I started my clean eating process. I vowed to not have any processed foods. (I did learned though that some of the healthier choices are some-what processed). I had a fun time shopping for fresh and colorful foods. I went to a total of 6 stores, some that are health-conscious and some that are just the regular brick-and-mortar stores. One particular store I went into (Whole Foods) had fruit and veggies waiting for me as soon as I step into the entrance. I was happy to stay on the right eating path. Everyone knows that you buy way more then you intended to buy when you don’t eat beforehand.


(A medley of fruit and easy fried sample of crab cake)

I have included the prices and places I brought the items for my new eating lifestyle.

Earth Fare (fairly new health-concious store Gwinnett County, GA) 

Can of Bush’s Black Beans         $0.88

Organic Braeburn Apples           $1.78/lb

Organic Strawberries                   $3.98/pack

Organic Bananas                           $0.77/lb

Bag of Carrots                                 $0.79

Mangoes                                           $5/4

Bell Pepper (Colors)                       $3/2


Can of Coconut Milk                        $1.78

Cottage Cheese (L)                            $1.97

Trader’s Joes 

Pure Protein Shake                             $1.99

Fage Greek Yogurt (L)                        $3.59

Thyme Herb                                          $1.69

Rosemary Herb                                     $1.69

Chives Herb                                           $1.69

Dill Herb                                                 $1.69

Whole Wheat Penne                             $1.49

Whole Wheat Tortilla Shells              $2.99

Whole Wheat Spaghetti                       $1.49

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough                 $1.19

Cage-Free Eggs                                     $2.99

Organic Raw Honey                            $5.99

Whole Foods 

Organic Dijon Mustard            $1.99

Organic Tomato Paste               $0.99

Organic Tomato Sauce               $0.99

Diced Green Chiles                      $1.29


Frozen Brocoli Cuts                     $1.00

Frozen Corn                                  $1.00

Frozen Mixed Peppers                $1.00

Brown Rice                                    $1.69

Chicken Breast                             $1.99/lb

Salmon (Frozen)                          $6.49

Romaine Lettuce                          $0.99

Asparagus                                      $1.99/lb

Nam Dae Mun Farmer’s Market 

Tomatoes                                       $0.79/lb

Pineapple                                       $2.49

Key Lime 2lb Bag                          $1.99

Red Onions                                     $0.69/lb

Clementines                                    $0.49/lb

Green Onions                                 $1.99/5

Cilantro                                            $0.29

Blueberries                                      $1.99/pack

Minced Garlic Cloves                     $0.99/Jar

Small Sweet Potatoes                     $0.59/lb

Green Jalapeno                                $0.79/lb


Frozen Cooked Shrimp                    $6.48/pack

Stevia (100 Pack)                               $5.28

1/2 Pound Haverti Cheese                $2.79

1/2 Pound Oven Roasted Turkey     $2.93

1/2 Honey Maple Turkey                   $3.56

Overall, I spent around $135 including tax. Most of these items will last me a couple of weeks. I would need to buy my fruits, veggies, chicken breast, and deli meats and cheese often because I eat these the quickest.

I understand that starting on a clean-eating plan can be difficult. By buying my favorite fruits, veggies, and ingredients for inspired dishes, it becomes easier to eat better. I am also using this shopping list (shown below) created by Lauren Lives Healthy. I like this list because it’s realistic and you can buy most of these items at any store.


Clean Eating is a process just like everything else. Once you get into the swing of it, it will become easier.

Much Love,



7 thoughts on “Grocery Shop Chronicles-Month One

  1. So happy you launched your blog! I will definitely have to go check out that Earth Fare store since it’s so close to me! I’m trying to eat and live a healthier lifestyle too, so I’m looking forward to your posts! 🙂 Remember I’m always an email/message away if you ever need anything. Much love, Brittany ❤


    1. Hey! It was just time! I kept wanting it to be perfect but I realized that I can change the format, fonts, etc. as I go along! And yes check out Earth Fare! It’s amazing! I do thank you for your continuous support! I’ll be in touch! Much Love, Christina!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I liked your Facebook Page. It’s good. I really like the recipes on there. They’re not too far fetch meaning I can prepare them with the ingredients I already have.


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