Indianapolis Attorney General To Take Stance Against Human Trafficking @ Final Four

Human Trafficking

A woman treated as property and not as a beautiful human being. (Photo Credit: The Raid)

I was introduced to this article about Attorney General Zoeller’s stance on sex trafficking during this weekend’s sporting extravaganza’s,NCAA Final Four. Many of you may not know, but major sporting events such as the SuperBowl attract men to pursue illegal activity with young girls and women who are trapped into this forced lifestyle. Thank you Attorney General Zoeller for taking a stand against Human and Sex Trafficking in our states.

To read the full article, here is the link:

Also, for those who are in the Atlanta area here are some organizations who have taken the stance to help bring awareness, to help survivors, and to help put an end to human and sex trafficking:

WellSpring Living

Out of Darkness

Reach ATL

Covenant House of Georgia

BeLoved Atlanta

INnocence Atlanta

With our various platforms and voices, we too can take a stance against Human and Sex Trafficking.

Much Love,



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