The Importance of Easter Weekend

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(Photo Credit: AnchoredinChrist4Ever Tumblr)

(Photo Credit: AnchoredinChrist4Ever Tumblr)

Easter brings upon an importance time in Christianity, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Honestly, I didn’t understand the importance of going to church on Good Friday or having to be at church all day Sunday. I just didn’t understand. As I got older, I began to learn about the significance of Easter Sunday. I even dug deep into understanding Good Friday. As a fellow Quite Sister stated in her blog, I was all wrapped up in societal standards for Easter. I had a new outfit, my hair was laid (done), and I had a big Sunday dinner. That was important to me on Easter. Now, I don’t care to be in my Sunday’s best (no offense/shade to folks who decide to dress to the 9 for this special occasion). The only thing that I excited for is to celebrate Jesus because he deserves it. In actuality, He deserves our praise every single day. He got on that cross, he suffered horrific beatings and death for our sins. I don’t know about you, but I am truly grateful for that. To me, Jesus wrote the ultimate true Love Story (I love the Notebook for all my Nicholas Sparks fans). However, the Love story the Notebook portrayed does not even compare to Jesus’ love story.

This past Good Friday, I was able to experience the Last Supper. I told my mom that I didn’t understand why we were taking communion on this particular day. Then, my pastor got up on the pulpit and explained it so beautifully. Without going into too much detail, he said that this was the most expensive and undeserving meal that we will ever have. He was absolutely right. I don’t deserve forgiveness. I don’t deserve second, third, fourth, so forth chances. I don’t deserve any of the blessings Jesus has bestowed upon me. I just don’t.

Then this morning, I learned of an very important concept of Jesus’ resurrection that will stick with me for the rest of my life. The art of forgiveness. Jesus died on that cross so we can be forgiven for our sins. He stated that we need to release whatever guilt we have in our hearts and minds, hand it over to him, and ask for true forgiveness and repentance. I want for you to understand that this is not a pass to repeat any mistakes from the past. Along with being forgiven for our sins, we need to make sure that we don’t make excuses for making the same mistakes so many times over. Once you are forgiven and have repented, I personally vow to do this: Start beginning to live as the Fruits of the Spirit-Joy, Love, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. I understand that life will throw curveballs. However, I believe that when we all begin to be in our Word, to forgive others and yourself for your past transgressions, and to exemplify Jesus’ love like He has for us, there will be no excuse to exemplify these eight concepts into our lives.

I thank you Jesus for being the self-less Spirit that you are. I thank you for showing me and your other children unconditional love. I thank you Jesus for giving up your physical life on that cross so I can have a chance living according to your will. Thank you Jesus. You are the true Messiah.

I hope that you all enjoy this joyous Sunday and God Bless.

Much Love,



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