You’re My Inspiration: CeCe Olisa of Plus Size Princess

You're My Inspiration
(Photo Credit: Cece Olisa, Plus Size Princess Facebook Page)

(Photo Credit: Cece Olisa, Plus Size Princess Facebook Page)

I’m starting this shout-out Inspiration Sunday shin-dig. My inspiration this week and just overall is CeCe Olisa, fashion, fitness, and motivational blogger. Let me tell you, I love this woman. She brings confidence on a whole different level.

I started following CeCe’s blog a few months back (more like 8 months ago). I was in awe that a woman, especially something who is plus-size (societal term) does not hold back. I mean she flaunts all of her curves and she’s proud of it. Being someone who used to be timid, cover up her arms and wore pants even during the hot months, I can honestly say that I am too more confident in my own skin. I flaunt all these pounds of myself and I love it. (I’ll lose it but I decided to be comfortable with myself at this point).

She makes becoming healthy a bit easier. (It is mostly mental and you are the only one that can convince yourself to do it).  She has her YouTube channel where she makes the most exciting workouts. There is so much that I can say about this woman. The one thing I will say is this: She is a true role model. She does not bull-crap with you. She lets you know what is up and I love her for that.

This month she is having her #PSPfit Boot Camp for anyone who is interested. To my understanding, she has a nutrition coach, you receive personalized workouts videos from her, she conducts one-on-one phone calls with you, and she is just so supportive of you.

If you do read this CeCe, I want to thank you for starting a movement of being healthy at any size. To truly embrace who you are, flaws and all. Thank you my sister.

You can check out CeCe’s blog and social media accounts here:


Instagram: CeCe Olisa 

Facebook: CeCe Olisa:Plus Size Princess

YouTube: CeCe Olisa 

Vimeo: Plus Size Princess

P.S I love this workout video of CeCe’s, so I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

Much Love,



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