I Will Not Bite into a Lemon: A Lesson on Bitterness

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(Photo Credit: 9gag.com)

(Photo Credit: 9gag.com)

Bitterness. What is it? I thought that bitterness was something dealing with hate. I thought because I despise someone or something, that I hated it which made me bitter. However, I learned an important lesson about bitterness. I learned the true definition and root of it. Bitterness as told to me by my pastor, is the harbored hurt hidden in my heart. When he said this I was thinking, how? How is that possible? Then, he began to tell the congregation about the causes of bitterness, how it’s the root of all of our issues, and how we can come out of bitterness once and for all. I personally needed to hear this sermon. I didn’t realized until this morning that I was bitter. I mean, truly and extremely bitter. I been called bitter but I defended myself and came up with so many excuses to why I was not bitter. Yes, I’m hurt. I’ve been hurt all through my life. I forgave folks. I have made amends with my past. I am a caring and thoughtful person. I would put someone else’s needs before my own. Why was I still being considered bitter? I can only think of one solution. I have not asked God to rid me of this bitterness in my heart. I am a very sensitive person. I openly admit that. I been hurt by people that I cared about. I hurt people myself. I always look down at others because of their transgressions without realizing that my own stuff stinks (and badly I may add). How do I rid myself of bitterness? I know that I can’t do it alone. I tried but, I can’t do it. I need to rely on Him. I need to tell Jesus that I am ready to forgive, to be forgiven, to confront my past once and for all and to move on. Bitterness don’t need to be a part of my existence. It has been the bang of my existence for far too long. I vow today as the day that I rid myself with Jesus’ help of bitterness. It’s not in my heart. It’s not a part of my mind. It’s not a part of my soul. This is easier said than done. However, with the steps I was taught this morning by Pastor Merritt, I can do this.

  1. Forget this bitterness. Come face-to-face with it and let it know that it no longer lives within me.
  2. Forgive this bitterness. Forgive myself and every for past hurt feelings and doings. My past is behind me for a reason.
  3. Forsake bitterness altogether. Once bitterness is put in a bottle and thrown into the deep end of the ocean, I will not bring it up anymore. It won’t be a topic of discussion.

I believe that once we all find the root to why we’re short-tempered, get angry very quickly, write Facebook posts about what someone has done wrong to us, we will be able to rid ourselves of bitterness and live peacefully forever. Here is the video of Pastor Merritt’s message on bitterness:

God bless you all. Much Love, Christina


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