Get It Moving Monday!

(Photo Credit: Laugh and Inspire Instagram Page)

(Photo Credit: Laugh and Inspire Instagram Page)

Today’s theme is positive relationships!

I’ve been reading about relationships a lot lately. I have questioned some of my relationships. One thing that I’m learning is that I need to surround myself with people who believe in me, who love me unconditionally, who tells it like it is, and who will motivate me to keep going, to stay on my grind.

I realize that having positive people around me helps tremendously in everything that I do.

Today challenge: To do some inventory on your current relationships. Realize what those are bringing to the table for you and also what they are not bringing. Weigh in the pros and cons. If you have more on one side than the other, I believe with God’s guidance, some prayer, and your overall feelings towards that relationship, you will begin to live life more positively.

I want to leave you with some inspirational quotes and pics to serve as a reminder of keeping positivity in your life:





Happy Monday! Be blessed!

Much Love,



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