You’re My Inspiration: Each and Every One of You

You're My Inspiration
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(Photo Credit:

 Inspirational Sunday shout-outs are back! This week is dedicated to everyone going for theirs. I love getting on Facebook, checking Instagram, etc.  and seeing everyone succeeding in their lives. From graduation, to getting that great promotion, to doing something out of the ordinary because of your Faith in Him; I absolutely love it!

I just want to tell you all to keep going. Keep being that light of motivation, that light of reasoning. Keep believing, keep dreaming, keep accomplishing everything you have set for yourselves Each of you in your own ways inspire me to keep at it! You all rock!

As we get ready for our BBQ’s and family time, lets remember to take some time out and remember all of the service men and women who lost their lives for the liberation of us all. I know that a lot of service men and women have asked for us to not thank them on this particular day. So, I’m thanking you who read this today for sacrificing your lives so I can feel safe and secure in the good ole U.S.A.  Thank you!

Be blessed everyone! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday beautiful peeps!

Much Love,



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