Get It Moving Monday! New Month, New Start

Get It Moving Monday!
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It’s officially June 1st. Can you believe it?! Confession Time: The last couple of weeks in fitness has not been the best. It’s safe to say that I fell into a plateau. I got sick of doing the same routines, although I saw results. Since it’s a new month, I can start anew and this is the same for you.

What can you change about your fitness regime? How about your eating habits? This can extent beyond physical health care. How about trying some completely new? Or reconnecting with a loved one or friend?

The opportunities are endless this month.

I plan to do the following:

  • To complete a new 30-Day fitness challenge (see below and let me know if you want to join me)

    (Although its' focus is on the thighs, you will work other parts of your body as well)

    (Although its’ focus is on the thighs, you will work other parts of your body as well)

  • To take at least two classes a week at Lucille Roberts
  • To increase my weight count in strength training
  • To keep my grocery budget under $50 a week (I will elaborate on this in an upcoming post)
  • To reconnect with my family down here in Atlanta (I do have a good number of family members close to age here)
  • Most important: To put my complete trust in God in everything that I do (Faith=Trust= Full Confidence in God and in His timing)
  • To finally begin the process of getting into Early Childhood Education

I want to hear about some changes that you’re going to make this month? (Don’t be shy)

Have a great monday. Be blessed!

Much Love,



3 thoughts on “Get It Moving Monday! New Month, New Start

  1. Definitely can’t wait to hear about the $50 weekly on groceries!! I have decided that I’m going to start walking/jogging almost daily for this new month. Going to try to do that calendar as well! So glad to have your posts to encourage me to get fit and healthy….We really need to meet up for coffee soon! 🙂


  2. In case you haven’t seen, I have nominated you for The Creative Blogger Award! You can find out how to post and continue sharing the love by going to my blog- everything will be on the first post you see! 🙂


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