Every Bit of Lovely

Photo Credit: HoneycombandHive

Photo Credit: HoneycombandHive

Sometimes, I can’t believe that we live in a society that is so judgmental. We judge people based on their physical looks, their attitudes, their education, their color. We find something wrong with someone and run with it. From the blogs to the twitter posts, someone is being criticized and it needs to stop.

I just read an article on BuzzFeed of a young lady who experienced body shaming at Old Navy.  I’ll let you all read about it here: This Plus-Size Woman Had The Perfect Response After She Witnessed Fat-Shaming In Old Navy

Body Shaming is a huge problem in our society. We say: “That girl is too skinny”; “That girl is too fat; “That girl has no boobs”; “That girl’s nose is big”; “She has no butt”; “Her butt don’t match the rest of her body” (This particular quote might be true based on some people getting those butt injection shots in their leg, but, still no judgment). We hear so many judgmental things about our overall appearance every single day.

What hurts for me to hear the most is other women of the same size (being plus-size, America’s “supposed” standard, video vixen, etc.) judging each other. Why do it? Why bring someone else down because you’re insecure with yourself? Why not uplift your fellow sister or brother? (I know guys are body shamed too).

Jeremiah 1:5 states, ” Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations”. Although this verse refers to living according to God’s purpose for one’s life, this verse also serves as a reminder that God made each of us perfect in His image. We need to remember that we are #GodMadeBeautiful and that we should based our beauty standards according to His word.

In conclusion, I want to leave this song by the awesome Jamie Grace called “Every Bit of Lovely” because we (both men and women) are lovely and unique!

Be blessed.

Much Love,



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