Quarter of a Century

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(Photo Credit-Self; Having a ton of fun with my cocoa caramel frappe)

(Photo Credit-Self; Having a ton of fun with my cocoa caramel frappe)

Yesterday, I celebrated 25 years of life. I still can’t believe that I’m actually 25, but it feels pretty good to be a year wiser, LOL. The number “25” is important in our society. This number represents the age that we can rent a car without paying the $100 underage fee; it represents the fact that we have only one year left to be on our parents’ insurance (whether that’s car or health insurance); it also represents the age that we are suppose to have everything together like finances, having a career, being married or being engaged. This number “25” scares me to tell you the truth.

It’s safe to say that I fall into the category of being in a quarter-life crisis

Last weekend, I went home to Chicago. I enjoyed seeing family and friends and exploring the Magnificent Mile among other things. However, it was a bit overwhelming because of these following questions: “When are you going to get married?” “Are you currently in a relationship?” “When are you having children/Do you want children?”. I swear about 15 people asked me these exact questions and my response, “in a couple of years for all of this to happen”.  I know many of you get asked these questions as well.

Yes, I want to date. Yes, I want to be married. Yes, I want children of my own. I want all of these things. I also want to be financially stable, to be passionate in my work/career , to explore the world, and  to not live by societal values necessarily.

So, if I were to answer these questions today, these would be my responses:

  • When are you going to get married? (When I have been in a Christ-centered, intimate relationship with someone and we are both ready to commit to each other for the rest of our lives)
  • Are you currently in a relationship? (No, and I am not in a rush for one either. When I become interested in someone and they are interested in me, then it’ll happen)
  • When are you having children/ Do you want children? (I plan on having my own children in the near future-a few years or 10-dating, marriage, then a family; Right now, I have 20 girls that I adore and love teaching every Sunday. Also, my students are my kids—I am heavily invested in their education and overall well-being)

The truth is this: I don’t have a definite answer to what I want to do for the rest of my life. I made the choice to allow God to direct my path with what He believes is right for me. I know that it’s okay to not have everything in order. It’s okay to explore my options. It’s okay to just LIVE and not have any worries. 

Year 25 is about going with the flow, not taking a lot of things too seriously but being drawn closer to God and his purpose for my life, whatever that might be. If I’m suppose to date a certain someone, then hey, I won’t be opposed to the opportunity. If it’s going for my Masters, then I’ll do it. If it’s going on a Missions trip, then I’ll fundraise and get my passport ready.

Life proposes so many opportunities. Yes, obstacles will come but it’s how we respond to the so-called roadblocks.

Thanks to everyone who made my day very special and CHEERS to endless possibilities!

Be blessed!!

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Quarter of a Century

  1. I love this so much! I think so many people fail to realize and understand that life happens on its own time and everyone is different. I really admire that you are so driven! When the time comes, you’ll know it! ❤

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