Love In the Spotlight: Stepping on Dandelions

Photo Credit: Brittany Nicole at Stepping on Dandelions

Photo Credit: Brittany Nicole at Stepping on Dandelions

Sunday’s series You’re My Inspiration is back with a name change. It is now Love in the Spotlight because I enjoy shining light on someone else.

This week’s spotlight is on Brittany from Steeping on Dandelions. I’ve been following Brittany for some months now. I even had the opportunity to meet her and chat over coffee. Her story is so inspiring and I absolutely enjoy reading about her adventures and “ah-ha” moments!

I know there are a lot of college students who are already on campus or on their way for the first or third time. You are most likely to be tempted while away and not rely on God as much. Like you, Brittany is on a college/university campus, finding a balance with all aspects of her life . She discusses her faith, her dealings with mental health, and other topics that are relevant to young adults (especially college-age).

If you are stuck with finding a campus ministry, staying in tune with your faith, or want a different perspective of being true to yourself with your walk in Christ (or of other religions),  I highly suggest for you to check her out here: Also, pray for her and all college bound folks to have a successful and somewhat stress-free school year.

One of my favorite post from her discussing the importance of doing something for yourself:

You can also connect with her via these social media accounts:




Be blessed

Much Love,



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