Move Forward (Being the Best YOU)

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As I reflect back on the events of this past month, I can’t help to think about how much I have grown mentally and spiritually. (I have done some growing physically too-bad eating habits, not hitting the gym like I wanted to). I have finally found my peace with many things.

I realized that I can only do my very best. I am not going to have all the answers and solutions. I will fail. I will complain (not intentionally). I will cry. I will doubt myself at times. However, I can’t stay stuck on my problems. The majority of the time, I have no control over what happens. I’m learning to focus on the things that I can control. I’m learning to be patient with the process. I’m learning to let things and situations that are not for my betterment, GO!

I know many of us are figuring out our next moves. However, we are stuck on how to pursue the many things we desire. I’ve come up with some tips that I believe will help many of us to take September by storm.

I divided these tips based on different life areas of focus:

Career-If you are contemplating going for a promotion, changing companies  or getting into your desired career, the number one thing that you can do is to get connected with someone (like a mentor). Just talking to people on different occasions about my dreams (becoming an Early Childhood/Elementary teacher) has opened many doors. Also, take a different approach to “getting in the door”. It’s good to send ample resumes out. However, it is better when you take the time to hand-deliever your resumes to your potential employers. It shows them that you really want to work for them.

Physical Health-I have struggled with this one myself over the last couple of months. The main thing to do is to plan out your workouts. Mark down the time and class or regime you plan to do on a given day. Start off slow (you don’t want to be burnt-out by the second week). Get an accountability partner (either to come to the gym with you or to have on speed dial just in case you’re having one of those “days”). Most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t hit that goal or don’t follow your exact plan. Also, make sure to get on a 80/20 type plan (eating clean 80% of the time, and indulging 20% of the time). It’s not easy (trust me) but it does help eating clean, unprocessed foods during the week. You’ll get the nutrients needed to deal with those long days at work or school.

Relationships-This area is kind of vague. A relationship can be interpreted in many ways. Simply, I’m speaking of making connections with people. If you are anti-social or struggle with anxiety (like me), make it a point to attend one event next month. A ton of churches have young adult groups. If you want to be extra bold, step out into your city, find something that interests you and go. (I might do this myself. Stay tuned for a potential post about it). Being connected with people is important to overall your well-being.

Self-Care-This doesn’t get talked about as much. The majority of the time we’re focused on making our goals at work or staying on top of our social calendar. All of these things are good. However, if you don’t take the time to relax (not doing a thing on a chosen day) or checking in with yourself mentally (affirmations, writing, etc.), you are going to struggle a bit. Also self-care entails of going to a designated group (for folks dealing with mental illness, working on their spiritual walk), having those annual, monthly, or bi-monthly check-ups at the doctor’s office, and spending much needed time for yourself (taking yourself to dinner, getting a massage, reading that book you put off all summer, many things that will become a post on its own if named). Don’t forgot to do the essentials-bathe, brush your teeth, have breakfast/lunch, etc. (Some folks who are in a depressed state do tend to not do these things which are a part of self-care).


Spirituality-Many of us are followers of Christ. (I am not against anyone who follows another religion or not one at all). Whatever is the case, I hope that you are taking some time out of your day to connect to your “higher power”. If you are struggling in this area, the best advice I can give you is this: To join a bible study group, get into a devotional, or find a plan on the YouVersion app to get started. I do the Power Devotionals by Joyce Meyer and Her Binder Project, created by Morgan Harper Nichols (link here: If you spend only five minutes a day, I am sure that you will feel better and will be successful throughout your day. I believe getting into your word or devotional is a great way to keep you grounded. So many things happen throughout the day (many we can not control). As long as you have to tools for handling situations, you will have somewhat stress-free days.

I hope that I am able to help (at least provide some advice) to someone today. Remember that everything is not going to happen overnight (I know cliche) but it’s true. Pray about it, talk about it (positively) with others and God, and keep reaching for what you want. If it is suppose to happen, it will happen.

Be blessed!

Much Love,



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