Quench Your Thirst Thursday!

Me+Faith=ConfidenceinHIM, Quench Your Thirst, Series
Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

Hey Ladies and Gents!

This is an introduction to my new faith-based series, Quench Your Thirst. I’ll give an in-depth diagnosis on the various life areas that are impacted by Faith. We are going raw on this one. Please note, if you are offended by anything that I state, my apologies in advance. I am not here to do that. I am simply here to share the truth, how my Faith impacts my life, and to encourage those on similar journeys. With this being said, let’s get started. 

This week I want to focus on-The Church.

Many of us grew up with the idea that the church was a physical building, which is true. However, the church is much more than an object. The church is us. That’s right, us. We (being God’s children-believers and non-alike) are the church. As I dive deeper into my word, I learn more about our purpose when it comes to His kingdom. We are here to draw more people towards him. Two things that God grants us is love and eternal life. Most of us know this, but are we living by this truth? Do we exhibit His teachings and His laws in our behavior? If we are to answer this question, many of us would say NO. If you say yes, then I’ll be curious as to how you do it. There is no way that we exhibit His love and his desire for us to have eternal life daily. We certainly do try. By no means does this makes us bad people. It makes us human. However, we don’t see ourselves this way.

When we become a part of the church, we develop this demeanor that we are better than others. We begin judging others based on how they dress or how they react to different situations. We begin to act as if we are God and it’s not right. We are not the Messiah. We are not the creator of this earth or the ruler of all things. We are individuals. Let me repeat this sentence-We are individuals meaning, we focus on one self (own demeanor, own actions, own appearance) while encouraging others to seek His kingdom.

 The verses that mostly resonates with me regarding the church is Romans 5:8 (NIV)

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

When I read this and received clarification about it-I thought about the Facebook conversation my family and I had on a picture (a woman wearing a tight dress that shows her butt and its imperfections).

There are some disagreements when it comes to attire (particularly with women). Yes, we are supposed to dress accordingly when we come to church. However if a woman continuously make the effort to come to church every Sunday and she only wears “club” clothes, who are we to judge her? She’s there get closer to God (like the rest of us). The main focus should be-to be closer to Him so we can experience eternal life. He loves her as much as He loves the rest of us.

How do we begin to be the church that God speaks of? How are we going to show His love and grace for each other? How are we going to encourage others to become a part of His freedom? How are you going to exhibit His truth?

One thing that we all can stop doing is gossiping about each other. We need to stop trying to ruin people’s reputations. We need to stop judging people based on where they live, where their children attend school, their attire, their views, and their overall demeanor (that’s not in agreement with ours).

We need to be uplifting. We need to be encouraging. We need to be authentic. We need to put the focus on bringing as many people to His truth. We need and should desire to have a positive impact on other people-espeically as the church.

Another truth-If we are to have the mindset like Christ when dealing with everyday circumstances, then we need to take the necessary steps to become the church (as He sees it).

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to exhibit His love towards others. I want to be that light that people notice because of Him. If we don’t do that, then who will?

Be blessed.

Much Love,



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