Love In the Spotlight

Love in the Spotlight

abca3dbd4aefe583c31802ad03be9b98Usually, I focus on fellow bloggers and those who are influential in my life. This Sunday, I want to show love to everyone on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

I absolutely love seeing people get married, engaged, have their babies, vacationing in the big city and abroad, in school, moving up in their careers, just having a positive outlook on life. Honestly, we don’t take the time out to shed light on everything positive. We’re so focus on sharing what’s on WorldStar (guilty), about the negativity that’s going on in our world instead of focusing on the positivity that’s going on around us.

I’m truly happy for each of you enjoying your life to the fullest. I’m truly happy for the moms and dads raising your child(ren) with tons of love. I’m truly happy for everyone going for their dreams. Keep it up! Flood my timelines with all your positivity. I LOVE IT!

Be blessed!

Much Love,



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