The Right to Live

Mental Health Awareness
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Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day. My good friend reminded me that I can’t be replaced. She’s absolutely right. Once we are gone, people will hurt. People will grieve. We do not realized that our actions do impact the folks around us.

Although September 10th is observed as this particular day, people who suffered from mental illnesses, postpartum from war, the aftermath of 9/11 (may those special souls rest in peace), aging, family difficulties, etc, deal with those “unknown demons” everyday. People are creating plans to harm themselves indefinitely. People are harming themselves (cutting, drinking, having sex with numerous partners, etc.) People (as I type this) are transitioning because they felt that they didn’t have any options. Yes, we advocate and rally hard for bringing this predominant human issue into existence on this particular day. In reality, we need to advocate for prevention every single day, every single hour.

The main thing that many of us can do is to be open-minded and accepting of people. We are living during the most judgmental period of our time. We just judge each other way too much. We think that we are better than one another. We ALL have our issues. We ALL are fighting some demons. Some of us are willingly open about dealing with our “stuff”.

The next time a friend or family member decides to open up about what’s happening, don’t look at them like they have four heads. Don’t pre-judge them or sit there waiting to reply. Just listen. Just be a listening ear. Let that person know that you are there for them. Let them know that although you might not understand, that you are willing to learn more about what’s going on.

At the end of the day, all we need is someone to care enough to be there, no questions asked.

To everyone who is contemplating on ending your own life, DONT. PLEASE DONT. You are needed. You are wanted. You are endeared by many. You are important. You are loved by many. Most importantly, you are LOVED by our heavenly father.

You have the divine right to live! Don’t take it away.

For information about suicide prevention, visit- 

Also, if you are struggling and feel like you don’t have an out, there is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-1 (800) 273-8255. Here is their website as well –

The most important advice I’ll give you-Go to God about this. I know that it’s not easy to. Pray, pray, pray. Try your absolute best to be hopeful, to be optimistic, to be forgiving of yourself, to know that you are here because He has a purpose specifically for you being right here, right now.

Be blessed!

Much Love,



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