That October Day….

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Many of you follow my journey. I talk about the good, the not so good, and some ugly parts. As stated before, when I decided to blog, I decided to become an open book. In keeping with this promise, I am about to share something that only a few know. What I’m about to state may change your whole opinion of me-negative or positive-it’s your choice-although I may be shocked by some people’s reactions-just telling the truth

(Note:I am not using this platform for sympathy. I’m using this platform to heal, to encourage someone, and to bring light to mental illness-especially among the Y-generation. With this being said, here is my untold truth).

October 16, 2014 is such an important day to me. This is the day I regained consciousness. This is the day I was given another chance. This is the day that I stopped hiding. This is the day that God showed me that He indeed has my back. On this particular morning, I wrote my mother a letter basically telling her goodbye. I was so lost and so out on life. I was ready to transition-not wanting to deal with my issues anymore. I was so drained mentally, emotionally, and physically that the only option I felt I had was-to kill myself. Yes, I attempted to kill myself for the third and final time. I should have know better that it wasn’t going to work-after two failed attempts. I asked myself why God, why didn’t you allowed me to go with you? You know that I struggled so much here on Earth. Why can’t I be up there with you having no worries and living in peace?


It’s safe to say that God was right. What He did for me at that moment-to keep me from drowning-He showed me how my family and friends’ lives would have been like if I left. Knowing how I am, I wouldn’t want my family and friends shedding tears for my selfishness. It’s unfortunate that many people succeed in killing themselves. I wish that they could have seen what I saw at that moment-to know that people truly care about them and that they are not alone. Most importantly, that they are cherished by their loved ones and most definitely, by God.

Fast forward to October 16, 2015- It’s officially one year since I was admitted to a behavioral health hospital on suicide watch. I tell you-the experience marked the beginning of healing-of confronting my past-of confronting all of the demons that showed their ugly faces much throughout 2014. I was finally able to let everything out during this period. I forgave, repressed feelings, and then forgave again. A lot of the hurt I endured is gone-I can honestly say this again, it’s gone. I don’t need to go back to the times in Orlando, at college, back home or in my new home state. I don’t need to discuss or focus heavily on the past (especially during my childhood) and all it entailed. Now, at this moment, my only focus is-living-living for His purpose for my life-to continue the process of healing-to be free from everything that has once brought me pain.

If you are contemplating taking your own life, I beg you PLEASE DON’T. I’ll repeat this again PLEASE DON’T. You can work through all of your issues, all of your concerns, all of your hurt and pain, all of the unknowns. You are NOT alone although it might feel like that at times. I know that it’s not easy dealing with one or several mental illnesses. I know that it’s hard to shake off those demons-heck I still have issues shaking them off myself. These demons will deter you from progressing….They will be in your head telling you that you can’t do it-you can’t be who you want to be-you aren’t capable of doing this and that. I tell you-these demons have kept me from living pretty much-they have kept me from connecting with people, from accomplishing goals, from working on myself, from being one with Him.

These are the proven ways I have shook these demons off and out of my head (some I have discovered recently-within the last few weeks):

  • Adult Coloring Books-These are the best investments. There are so many out there-I have the Creative Design-Mandelas Book.
(I love using vibrant colors-it makes me happy-I also slept like a baby  after coloring-it's so calming)

(I love using vibrant colors-it makes me happy-I also slept like a baby after coloring-it’s so calming)

  • Journaling-Any notebook, inspirational journal, or a sketch pad will work
  • Talk to someone that you trust
  • Get into your word-You don’t need to spend hours a day-seriously. Just a few moments-picking a devotional and sticking with that or getting on a particular plan will be fine.
  • Pray-I struggle with this myself-not knowing what to say or how to say it and doubting that God actually hears me- However, He does hears-He doesn’t respond the way you would want Him to but He does responds with greatness.
  • Get out of your comfort zone-This is still new for me-being more social with people-going to events I wouldn’t normally go to. It’s difficult reaching out to new people or trying out new things in a new city. However, you’ll never know how something work unless you try it out first.
  • Go to therapy-I go every few weeks. They are there to help you process things, to provide tips to help with the process, and to get down to the nitty-gritty about things.
  • Join a group-These can vary. There are groups of specific interest, youth/young adult groups, and support groups (like DBT-Dialetic Behavioral Therapy group). It does help being around others who are going through similar situations.

This is everything in a nutshell. I am available to talk to anyone who have questions, concerns, and insight.  As always, thank you for your support and for allowing me to flood your WordPress Readers, Facebook timelines, and emails with my thoughts and updates about my journey. 

Be blessed!

Much Love,



Meant to Be

Me+Faith=ConfidenceinHIM, Mental Health Awareness

7f89c0d1214e6cc881f3aba3cfaa50c3In the last couple of weeks, my life has taken a sharp turn. I went from being clueless to knowing exactly what I want. I allowed myself to do some soul-searching. I allowed my mind to go crazy. I allowed myself to experience trials. I allowed myself to have fallbacks. I’m saying NO MORE.

NO MORE criticizing myself about my current predicament. NO MORE worrying about what’s to come. NO MORE focusing on what’s not my life,which in reality is awesome. I don’t have the position I want. I don’t have the car I want. I’m not living in the city. I’m not in a relationship. I have a lot of DONTS. I also have a ton of DO HAVES. I have a place to live. I have a car. I have my bank account (although I would love to see more figures in it). I have great health. I have my sanity. I have my drive. I have my optimism. I have my courage. I have my beauty. I have my soul. I have GOD.

I’m grateful for these last couple of weeks. I learned that a lot is MEANT to BE. I shared this on Facebook a few days back about being offered a position as a Aftercare Pre-K teacher. One word-Torture. I haven’t cried, snapped (got really angry and shouted), or wanted to pull my hair out so much. What looked like a great opportunity, ended up being a great lesson. I realized that I deserve the best. I realized that everything changes, period. I’m not going to lie, I am bummed about what happened. I’m upset that I couldn’t show this daycare who Christina is and what I stand for. I couldn’t teach my kiddos the way I teach my girls on Sunday (giving them the same loving and caring Ms. Christina). I can’t do any of that because of egos, power trips, favoritism, different perspectives, and different approaches to teaching and discipline.

I state it every day, It is meant for me to teach. It is meant for me to be in a classroom. It is meant for me to be in grad school. It is meant for me to pursue my Master of Education degree. It’s just MEANT to be. This following quote summarizes my urge, the passion I have for education.


Also, it is meant for me to continue with this blog-it’s mission to share my journey about becoming healthy in all areas-physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some say that when you exercise, endorphins come and you are happy. It is true to a certain extent. However, in order to experience pure joy and happiness, your mind has to be cluster-free and at a healthy state. It does not matter if I’m at the gym six times a week, on the 80/20 clean eating plan, and taking many health precautions. If my mind is not flowing properly (positive thoughts flowing throughout), then everything will be out of whack.

I am still on my journey. It just have taken some unexpected turns. There have been speed bumps, some roadblocks, and detours on this journey. I am happy nonetheless.

Everything that’s happened, that’s happening now and  that will happen, it is all MEANT to BE.

Be blessed!

Much Love,



Mental Health Awareness

I not sure if many of you would remember the MTV series Unscripted, where celebrities would bare it all (not literally in most cases). I really admire these folks whose MySpace I stalked for their complete honesty about what goes on in the industry and in their lives.

Today is similar. I’m not a celebrity (not by societal standards) but I’m famous in my own right. Here’s my version of the infamous hit series:

I’m sitting here in Dunkin Donuts (really got hooked on the coffee this past summer) sipping on my Iced Pumpkin Swirl coffee. I’m thinking about many things. I’m sitting here thinking about my day, the week ahead, and what has happened in the past couple of days. There is so much to process (or attempt to process). I’ve talked about in my last post about how I felt stuck. I explained to you how lost I was and that I wanted to run away. The truth is, I still feel this way. I feel like giving up (not intentionally and not in the sense of taking my own life). I want to throw in the towel. I want to run far, far away, to be isolated from everything and everyone.

I feel that I have made effort upon effort to shake this feeling of “lost” off. I feel that I get knock down every time something good comes along. I know that this is not healthy. I know that I overthink way too often. I know that I worry way too much. I know that I create a lot of the drama in my life currently.

Every time I want to work out all I can think about is slipping back into bad habits after making progress. Every time I want to connect with people near and far, all I can think about is what they will think and say about me (and not positive things). All of these thoughts piling up in my head, is STRESSFUL. I get headaches. I overeat. (I noticed it for the first time this past Saturday at Applebees. I couldn’t stop eating or drinking my sweet tea. I kept apologizing to my family for my overeating, telling them that I was STRESSED, that I was not feeling the best, that I was not having the best day, although I was with my loved ones). This was not a pleasant experience in itself. (It felt that way anyway)

I know that I have talked about mental health a lot lately on here. Honestly, I’m going through a lot dealing with my present mental state. It’s way out of whack. I’m not able to concentrate as much. I’m less motivated (to a certain extent. I still get my butt out job hunting). I’m less than functional the majority of the time (I can thank my mom and Dunkin-for the energy).

I don’t know what else I can do. I’m in my word. I’m praying a bit more often. I’m repeating my affirmations and mantras (especially when I hear voices-negative and rude comments about me).

This is something that I’m really struggling with-hearing voices. I hear them way more often (especially when I’m alone). They do say the same things that I heard over the years. It’s hard explaining to my love ones that it bothers me. I feel that people think that I’m losing my mind. Hearing voices are called Audible Hallucinations. “Experts” say that these voices are based on how someone feel about their self and their current situation. I agreed with them somewhat.

What do I hear-“That girl’s weird” “She’s awkward” “She’s weird” “She has no life” “She needs a boyfriend” “She has no friends” “She’s retarded” “She’s ugly” “She’s fat” (this one is true for the moment) “She’s odd” “She’s off” “She’s gay” “She’s a loser” “She’s stupid” She’s spoiled” “Her mom is her only friend” “Oh she’s listening to the same ole song” “Christina (in a harsh voice” “Oh my God here she goes”.

Then, I swear people are staring at me, peeking out of their windows to see when I enter and exit out of my home (it craps the hell out of me. I live in an apartment complex and my apartment faces the street). Sometimes I go somewhere far so it takes me longer to come home (to avoid this repeated and unpleasant moment).

The truth-I don’t have many friends period. I don’t have friends here in Georgia (not in my age range anyway). I don’t go out much (personal choice most of the time). I do miss going to the movies or bar hopping with my buddies (really didn’t bar hopped or bar crawled like that-it was once in a while-I still liked doing it). I missed meeting up with my girlfriend and chat over coffee or Boba tea. Sometimes I do want to move back home to have these experiences again. I miss my friends back home. I miss the warmth of people’s smiles, people that I know are here for me. I miss the authenticity and the gentleness of people. I loved that people back home (the ones I hung out with were real with me). I have trouble finding that here in my new home. I don’t want to leave but sometimes I feel that it’s the only option (to not live here in the Peach state).

After tonight, I am going to take a much needed break from blogging. I need to re-evaluate the purpose of having this blog. I need to figure out why I began Love Sparks Strength in the first place. I love and appreciate the support I’ve been given thus far. I feel that there is so much more I can do with Love Sparks Strength. I don’t feel that it’s here for the mission I originally set it for. I feel that it’s bigger than fitness, mental health and spirituality. It probably is but I’ll allow God to show me just so.

Most importantly, I need to talk some time to discover who I am physically, mentally, and spiritually. I frowned when my family said that I don’t need to share everything with everyone. They understand but they don’t understand. I’m not sharing for the sake of it. I’m sharing to be an encouragement to someone else who’s going through something similar. Some folks don’t have the courage or strength to talk to someone about their situation. Some folks are ashamed or embarrassed. Many rather act as everything is so good in public that they are suffering miserably in private.

During this time of discovery, I hope and pray that I receive a breakthrough. I’ll pray that God will show me what’s up. I’ll pray that I’ll finally get some answers that I’ve been asking for. I’ll pray that I’m be able to continue sharing my story with each of you and that we can grow together.

I’m not completely axing Love Sparks Strength, I will update my Instagram from time (IG Page is the same name-, keeping y’all notified about what’s going on with me.

As always, thank you for allowing me to flood your WordPress Readers and emails with my scenarios and revelations.

Be blessed.

Much Love,


The Right to Live

Mental Health Awareness
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Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day. My good friend reminded me that I can’t be replaced. She’s absolutely right. Once we are gone, people will hurt. People will grieve. We do not realized that our actions do impact the folks around us.

Although September 10th is observed as this particular day, people who suffered from mental illnesses, postpartum from war, the aftermath of 9/11 (may those special souls rest in peace), aging, family difficulties, etc, deal with those “unknown demons” everyday. People are creating plans to harm themselves indefinitely. People are harming themselves (cutting, drinking, having sex with numerous partners, etc.) People (as I type this) are transitioning because they felt that they didn’t have any options. Yes, we advocate and rally hard for bringing this predominant human issue into existence on this particular day. In reality, we need to advocate for prevention every single day, every single hour.

The main thing that many of us can do is to be open-minded and accepting of people. We are living during the most judgmental period of our time. We just judge each other way too much. We think that we are better than one another. We ALL have our issues. We ALL are fighting some demons. Some of us are willingly open about dealing with our “stuff”.

The next time a friend or family member decides to open up about what’s happening, don’t look at them like they have four heads. Don’t pre-judge them or sit there waiting to reply. Just listen. Just be a listening ear. Let that person know that you are there for them. Let them know that although you might not understand, that you are willing to learn more about what’s going on.

At the end of the day, all we need is someone to care enough to be there, no questions asked.

To everyone who is contemplating on ending your own life, DONT. PLEASE DONT. You are needed. You are wanted. You are endeared by many. You are important. You are loved by many. Most importantly, you are LOVED by our heavenly father.

You have the divine right to live! Don’t take it away.

For information about suicide prevention, visit- 

Also, if you are struggling and feel like you don’t have an out, there is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-1 (800) 273-8255. Here is their website as well –

The most important advice I’ll give you-Go to God about this. I know that it’s not easy to. Pray, pray, pray. Try your absolute best to be hopeful, to be optimistic, to be forgiving of yourself, to know that you are here because He has a purpose specifically for you being right here, right now.

Be blessed!

Much Love,



Mental Health Awareness
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A lot has happened in the last few days. I broke down (again). I have many good things happening and I can’t focus on the positive. I keep going back to the past (the past few days, the past week, the past month). I say it all the time to leave the past alone. However, I can’t do it. I can’t move forward in my life because I feel that I haven’t left a particular chapter. This particular chapter, I endured a ton of hurt from myself, from others, from people that I truly care about. I can ask God to help my through this process of forgiveness. I can ask him to help me to finally put everything to rest. Am I asking him the right things? Am I asking too much of Him at one time? Am I rushing the process of healing? I want to heal and move on. I have so much potential. I have so much to offer to others.

I’ve always been that person who helps without expecting anything in return. I’ve always been that person who people can always depend on. I’ve always been a team player. Now, I am doubting myself a bit. I don’t feel that I am good doing any of these things. I feel that I am slacking and that I’m not able to bounce back. I don’t know why I feel so lost. (This feeling is not going away and I’ve been feeling like this for some time).  I’m able to do the very things that I enjoy daily or on a weekly basis. I’m able to connect with others on different levels. I’m able to work on being the best me everyday.

There is only one solution to all of this: CHOICES (as the title of this post). I have the choice to do whatever, to feel however I want, to be whoever I want to be. I have a infinite number of choices. I can choose to be happy. I can choose to be sad. I have the choice of being angry at my circumstances. I have the choice of getting off my behind and making something of myself. Pretty much, we all have a choice to live how we want. CHOICES, I say will benefit you or teach you a lesson. I hope and pray that all of our choices will make all of us better all around.

(I’m not sure if you read my second to last post-I talked about people tolerating me, not being authentic with me and not being able to make friends. If you did read it and felt offended-I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I am not here to offend anyone. I truly cherish all of my friendships and relationships. I know that I have people that I can depend on. I know that many of these same folks are going to support me no matter what. No excuses. I’ll be careful with how I convey things from now on) 

What choice/choices will you make today?

I know that I’m making the choice to begin living, to not be fixated on the past, and to allow God to work on me (so I can finally heal). Also, and this is a big one for me-to not concentrate on others’ words (especially family). Yes, words hurt me (to the core), but I realized that people are probably bitter, hurt, jealous, envy, and want me to stay stuck in my predicament.

Change is all about you. If people are not willing to accept the change that God is making in your life, then they don’t belong in this part of the process. Heck, they don’t belong in your life period. It’s true when they say that you’re getting too old to tell folks what they are doing to get cut out of your life.  

With all of this being said, I appreciate everyone who allow me to flood your timelines, WordPress Readers, and emails with my insight. This is a part of my healing process and trust me, it’s helping me get everything out. I hope in this process that my story is helping someone who is going through a similar situation.

Be blessed.

Much Love,


My Thought Process (Random, Yes)

Feeling Blue, Mental Health Awareness
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I’m struggling here. Like, I’m really struggling today. I had days that I don’t want to be around people. This time it’s different. I want to go somewhere and never come back. I’m not speaking on committing suicide (just in case some of you are curious). I’m basically saying that I want to travel to a new town, change my name and appearance, and start a new life.

I don’t know how many ways that I can tell myself that I’m fine. I am who I am. If other people can’t accept me, then it’s all good. These are lies that I tell myself to feel better about my predicament. The truth is, I’m just existing. I’m not living. I’m on repeat everyday. I feel that people tolerate me. It’s like they know that I’m struggling and am at a loss. I have heard some say that I don’t have a life. Just tell me, how is my life suppose to look like? I don’t hang out with folks. That’s true. I don’t have many friends. Also true. (I rather have a few quarters than a bunch of pennies-I’ve always followed this motto). As much as I tried getting to know folks now, I feel that it’s impossible. (Now the few folks I met, chatted with, and made some type of connection with-I keep in touch with them from time). The majority expect me to either be like them or to kiss their butt. I’m not the one. As much as I don’t like to be alone (most of the time), I rather deal with loneliness before I deal with phonies.

As I write this tears are developing. I’m trying not to cry. I’m trying to be strong. (My dad always say that people are not worth my tears). This might be true but it’s hard not to. I’m at the age that it’s becoming more difficult to make friends. Either people have their friends from college, church, or from childhood. I’m just the outsider trying to have an “in”.

I talk about being your own person all the time. I speak on accepting yourself. I tell and share posts about embracing your uniqueness. I do believe everything that I say, write, and post about. It is very hard to actually apply it. Every time I try, something happens to knock me down. Once I am down, I don’t want to work my way back up. I feel that I put so much effort into living by my mantras, but my effort is worthless.

I still go to bed crying some days. I still come home and do nothing. (Well not nothing. I just focus on social media). This pattern here checking my social media accounts, eating “unhealthy” foods, and being alone is not good. It’s not helping me. It’s deferring my progress. I don’t want to defer my progress. I’ve worked so hard already.

I am at a crossroads. I can ramble all day. I feel that it’s not doing much. I don’t know what else to do. I have good things happen for me daily. I feel that I’m closer to beginning my journey into Early Childhood Education. But, I ask myself, why is there still a void? What am I lacking?

With all of this happening, I feel that people are talking about me. (This might be true-it might not). I feel people staring at me in the stores. I feel that they are judging me. I know that I’m beautiful. I know that I’m confident. (I have on shorts, wear maxi and short dresses, and wear my hair in a curly fro most of the time).

There’s something going on in this head of mine and I can’t put my finger on it. I know that I want too much at once. I know that I put so much pressure on myself. I know that I am not going to have everything in place by a certain deadline. I know that I overthink (really overthink). I know that I need to work on my communication skills. I know that I need to take the necessary steps to better my life. I know all of this, but I’m still not satisfied. I’m still not fulfilled.

(This blog is my documentary on the journey to overall better health-physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am not perfect by no means. I do have days and weeks like this. Everything that I speak on won’t be uplifting or encouraging. There are times that I’ll need to let my thoughts flow out of me. Some of you will agree with me that stored thoughts in the head can drain you if you don’t take the time to write it out or talk about it. I do talk with my family and my homegirl, but, I can’t explain everything to them. Most of the time, my family in particular will try to offer advice when I really need them to listen. Other times, my family are trying to tell me how to handle my feelings and not take into consideration just that-my feelings)

It’s sad but most people don’t try to understand mental health. They believe that it’s something that can go away after a couple of therapy sessions. Although I am not depression or anxiety or a generalized social disorder-somehow these categories stay with me. I’m just learning of ways that I can deal with them and have a life.

Thank you to everyone who allow me to flood their WordPress Reader and emails with my thoughts. Your support and encouraging words do get me through my hard times.

Be blessed

Much Love,


Move Forward (Being the Best YOU)

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As I reflect back on the events of this past month, I can’t help to think about how much I have grown mentally and spiritually. (I have done some growing physically too-bad eating habits, not hitting the gym like I wanted to). I have finally found my peace with many things.

I realized that I can only do my very best. I am not going to have all the answers and solutions. I will fail. I will complain (not intentionally). I will cry. I will doubt myself at times. However, I can’t stay stuck on my problems. The majority of the time, I have no control over what happens. I’m learning to focus on the things that I can control. I’m learning to be patient with the process. I’m learning to let things and situations that are not for my betterment, GO!

I know many of us are figuring out our next moves. However, we are stuck on how to pursue the many things we desire. I’ve come up with some tips that I believe will help many of us to take September by storm.

I divided these tips based on different life areas of focus:

Career-If you are contemplating going for a promotion, changing companies  or getting into your desired career, the number one thing that you can do is to get connected with someone (like a mentor). Just talking to people on different occasions about my dreams (becoming an Early Childhood/Elementary teacher) has opened many doors. Also, take a different approach to “getting in the door”. It’s good to send ample resumes out. However, it is better when you take the time to hand-deliever your resumes to your potential employers. It shows them that you really want to work for them.

Physical Health-I have struggled with this one myself over the last couple of months. The main thing to do is to plan out your workouts. Mark down the time and class or regime you plan to do on a given day. Start off slow (you don’t want to be burnt-out by the second week). Get an accountability partner (either to come to the gym with you or to have on speed dial just in case you’re having one of those “days”). Most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t hit that goal or don’t follow your exact plan. Also, make sure to get on a 80/20 type plan (eating clean 80% of the time, and indulging 20% of the time). It’s not easy (trust me) but it does help eating clean, unprocessed foods during the week. You’ll get the nutrients needed to deal with those long days at work or school.

Relationships-This area is kind of vague. A relationship can be interpreted in many ways. Simply, I’m speaking of making connections with people. If you are anti-social or struggle with anxiety (like me), make it a point to attend one event next month. A ton of churches have young adult groups. If you want to be extra bold, step out into your city, find something that interests you and go. (I might do this myself. Stay tuned for a potential post about it). Being connected with people is important to overall your well-being.

Self-Care-This doesn’t get talked about as much. The majority of the time we’re focused on making our goals at work or staying on top of our social calendar. All of these things are good. However, if you don’t take the time to relax (not doing a thing on a chosen day) or checking in with yourself mentally (affirmations, writing, etc.), you are going to struggle a bit. Also self-care entails of going to a designated group (for folks dealing with mental illness, working on their spiritual walk), having those annual, monthly, or bi-monthly check-ups at the doctor’s office, and spending much needed time for yourself (taking yourself to dinner, getting a massage, reading that book you put off all summer, many things that will become a post on its own if named). Don’t forgot to do the essentials-bathe, brush your teeth, have breakfast/lunch, etc. (Some folks who are in a depressed state do tend to not do these things which are a part of self-care).


Spirituality-Many of us are followers of Christ. (I am not against anyone who follows another religion or not one at all). Whatever is the case, I hope that you are taking some time out of your day to connect to your “higher power”. If you are struggling in this area, the best advice I can give you is this: To join a bible study group, get into a devotional, or find a plan on the YouVersion app to get started. I do the Power Devotionals by Joyce Meyer and Her Binder Project, created by Morgan Harper Nichols (link here: If you spend only five minutes a day, I am sure that you will feel better and will be successful throughout your day. I believe getting into your word or devotional is a great way to keep you grounded. So many things happen throughout the day (many we can not control). As long as you have to tools for handling situations, you will have somewhat stress-free days.

I hope that I am able to help (at least provide some advice) to someone today. Remember that everything is not going to happen overnight (I know cliche) but it’s true. Pray about it, talk about it (positively) with others and God, and keep reaching for what you want. If it is suppose to happen, it will happen.

Be blessed!

Much Love,