It’s Not Your Time

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Today has been enlightening. I recently began to dive deeper into my word, to pray more, and to rely on my friends for sound advice. I had many questions pertaining to my career, my friendships, my love life, everything. When I tell you that God answers, He definitely answers. He might not answer the way you want Him to, but He answers in the way He needs to.

In my generation, there’s a stigma that you’re suppose to have everything together. You’re suppose to follow a certain process for getting that job or getting that guy or girl. It’s almost like you’re giving a part of your soul just to say that you have something, that you did something awesome. Why should we follow the “new” norm of doing things? Why do we make things so complicated?

If you’re not happy at a job, leave. If you’re not happy with your weight, go to the gym. If you’re not happy with the group of friends you have, step out and bond with new people. I know any of this is not easy. However, it is not impossible. I’m always reminded by Miss Aubrey Hepburn, “The word itself says I’m possible”. So, you can do anything that you set your mind to. Sounds cliche but it’s true.

If something does not happen right away, there are two reasons. Either it’s not meant for you or God just says that it’s not the right time. I’m guilty of this-feeling like I failed. Don’t you know as sons and daughters of God we are not failures? I certainly do. I’m confident in God that he has something greater in plan for me and for you. He has that job, that mate, that house (I for one wants to own some property), that confidence, whatever you desire for God to bless you with.

Jeremiah 29:11 says this,

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This is confirmation that God’s plan is much greater and much more sufficient than ours. We don’t have to fear, worry, be anxious (guilty of this), or be ashamed of where we’re at in our lives now.

If we go throughout our lives with the mindset that all things are possible with God, I believe that our days will be better and almost stress-free (we’re still human). But, you have to put in that work (reading, studying the bible, praying diligently and consistently, surrounding yourself with people who are about Christ, and most importantly exemplifying that in your demeanor). It’s not easy, but in due time, you’ll know that it’s worth every tear, every obstacle, every fallback, everything that will try to come in between you and God.

You got this. You are relevant. You are important. God’s got your back. Remember that!


Much Love,






Did I Turn Boaz Away?

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Recently, I’ve been contemplating on beginning the dating process. I had certain men showed interest on three different occasions. All of these encounters were very pleasant but very unexpected and somewhat uncomfortable. I didn’t know how to respond to their requests of wanting to stay in contact. Something in my gut was telling me to not continue with any of them.

However, there is one that still sticks out to me. He’s kind of what I imagined my significant other to be. He is tall, very educated (has his Masters), athletic (I think he was a track star), and successful (in the IT industry). I know some of you are thinking, why did I pursue this guy? To tell the truth, he approached me while I was having my one-on-one with God in the park. I do smile and say hi to everyone that crosses my path. However, this guy just wanted to talk to me. He actually wanted to work out with me. I brushed him off and told him that I am with someone. This someone is God (growing more intimate with Him ), but I told him it was someone else because I was unsure of his motives and beliefs. Needless to say, he was very kind and walked a mile with me. The crazy part, I haven’t stop thinking about him since our encounter in the park.

I keep second-guessing myself about continuing our “don’t know what to call it” situation. Did I turn away a potential soul-mate? He’s somewhat of the man I want (smart, tall, handsome, athletic, dark chocolate-yes, dark skinned men attract me more ways that I can say). However, I don’t know about his relationship with God or even if he has a relationship with God.

“Boaz” is in this post’s title because I desire to have a man who loved a woman like his wife Ruth just for her. He didn’t try to change her. He wasn’t concerned with her outer beauty. (To my understanding, Boaz was older than Ruth. Therefore he was a bit more mature than a man in his 20’s). I also desire a man who notices my outer beauty but pursues me because of my inner beauty. I felt that each of the men who pursued me did just that and I was flattered.

After reading part of Ruth and Boaz’s story and the stories from the  Modern-Day Boaz project, I concluded that my Boaz should be:

Worthy-He has an intimate relationship with God and is a person of character.

A Protector- He has respect for a woman’s mind, body, and spirit. He will not play games with her heart (telling her one thing and meaning something totally different). 

A Provider- He is a hard worker and knows his biblical role-being the head of his household. 

Observant-He pursues a woman because of her inner beauty (the characteristics that she exhibits in her demeanor). Also, he gets to know the “real”-likes, dislikes, pet peeves, goals, etc. 

Compassionate-He serves his community. He is kind and loving. He gives generously. 

Full of Integrity-He is not self-centered. He does not lie or manipulates. He learns from others (especially His elders). He respects authority.He knows wrong from right and does not make excuses for his actions.

(For more biblical insight on the story of Ruth and Boaz, read Ruth chapters 1 thru 4)

Although I have that regard of not finding out more about my guy in the park, I believe that God kept me from potentially making a mistake.

Also, with any relationship or courtship that I get into, I plan on doing it God’s way.

Last week, I attended a webinar by the Millers of Married and Young. It was very informative and overall gave me a new perspective of pursing my Boaz. They explained the five stages they followed leading to their beautiful marriage (interest, friendship, relationship, courtship, engagement-I’m unsure if these are the exact stages). However, I got what they were saying.

In conclusion of my discovery and learning, when my Boaz comes along, I plan on following these steps:

  • Show interest-Stop being scared of asking a guy out. If I like him, let him know (without being pushy or too-straightforward). Be open and honest (not too honest-know boundaries)
  • Become friends-Get to know each other (our likes, our dislikes, our pet peeves, our goals, our aspirations, our dreams, our relationships with God)
  • Become more intimate-get closer to God together, discuss our future together, get to know our friends and families on a more intimate level. This is like the courtship stage (as I learned last week)
  • Commit to each other forever-engagement, marriage, a family, unbreakable bond between us and God.

I want to follow these steps/stages, but I know that some obstacles, uncertainty, and doubt will be presented.

Before I end this post, I want each of you to remember something: The most important relationship you will ever have (most relevant to those who are followers of Christ) is with God. He is the only person truly worthy of your praise, your devotion, and your love.

Be blessed!

Much Love,


Post-Worthy Wednesday

Me+Confidence=FaithinHim, Me+Faith=ConfidenceinHIM, Spiritual Realm
(Photo Credit: Pinterest User Viviana Shiroma)

(Photo Credit: Pinterest User Viviana Shiroma)

Note: This post is completely random, was not planned, but God put this on my heart. Have you ever seen the Lion King? (I know, dumb question right?) Of course you have. I was on Pinterest this morning and the phrase “Hakuna Matata” came up. I couldn’t remember what it meant but then the song popped into my head.

“Hakuna Matata” means no worries for the rest of your days! Don’t this phrase reminds you of God. He says if you follow Him, read His word, talk to Him, pray to Him every day, you too will have no worries. You won’t have any worry concerning finances, relationships, your career, your health, none of the things that we obsess about on a daily basis. Trust me, I’m guilty of this.

So, today my challenge to all of us is to start living by “Hakuna Matala” while getting closer to God! This is our problem-free philosophy! Here’s the song for those who want to relive their childhood a bit today:

Be blessed!

Much Love,